Elderly Care giving Programme

Transforming unorganized care giving service sector industry into formal

service sector industry.

Project Sponsored By: – North Eastern Council (NEC), GoI and Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship

SEWA’s elderly healthcare service is provided by trained caregivers who ensure the consistency of effective home care services and home care standards based on client needs.

Home care is an essential part of the range of care that includes both community and institutional services necessary to warrant the best possible quality of life for people with varying degrees of short and long-term sickness or disability and support needs. Home care helps people who need acute, end-of-life, rehabilitation, maintenance, and long-term medical care to remain independent and lead a better life at home.

The SEWA Elderly Care Training Program was developed in response to the increasing demand for elderly care. The course is for three months’ duration. Following completion of the training, the trainees are placed throughout the state of Assam.

During the period of training for “Elderly Home Care”, the candidate learns about professional skills, professional knowledge, and employability skills related to the job role. In addition, the candidate receives hands-on training with modules, mannequins, and simulations, as well as direct exposure in healthcare settings to gain practical experience with elderly patients.

The elderly care givers training includes basic old age ailments and the care to be provided to those patients; communication skills, particularly for the elderly with various disabilities; first aid; basic life support; elderly diet and nutrition; fire fighting; environmental control; housekeeping; sociological and physiological understandings etc. The trainee is able to handle the day-to-day activities needed for elderly care and can also take care of the patient’s basic medical requirements.

The trainee will be able to attain hands-on skills for kitchen arrangement, food hygiene, dietary requirements for the elderly, healthy & nutritious diet, and proper cooking for the aged person. Aside from that, they also taught how to assist the elderly with locomotion, paralysis, the psychological needs of the patients, vitals measurement, recording, and charting, counsel the elderly on their mental situation and habits and maintain the person’s dietary and medicine charts.

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