Engaging youth in work experience

Internships are the most effective way to produce trained youth, who are better equipped to face professional life. Work experiences are a critical component of preparing youth for transition to adulthood. The SEWA internship programme is an initiative that was developed to meet the needs of aspiring development professionals who wish to build the capacities and understand the development sector at depth. The internship provides students and individuals with an opportunity to gain practical work experience in a field related to their academic programme or research area, provided it is under the scope of work at SEWA.

SEWA considers the internship program to be a wonderful opportunity for mutual learning. Interns benefit from the extensive experiences of SEWA as an organisation in the social development sector, and gain the opportunity to learn and grow through firsthand experience, and through the knowledge bank that SEWA is provides. At the same time, SEWA truly appreciates the new ideas and experiences that interns bring with them, adding value to our interventions.


Usually, Interns are undergraduate or graduate students studying in the area of social work, social sciences, social development and other related disciplines.

Financial Considerations:

In general, the SEWA Internship Program operates on non-remunerative basis. But in some cases, it offers a paid internship.

Submit Application for Internship

SEWA offers promising and rewarding career opportunities to candidates. Only if the employees are satisfied with their environment and in terms of growth, they are achieving through being a part of SEWA, can they be successful in obtaining their goals and achieving the mission of SEWA.

If you want to be a part of SEWA and make a difference, then send forth your CV and Résumé in response to our job advertisement.