Socio Educational Welfare Association (SEWA)

Based in Dibrugarh, SEWA is a voluntary non-governmental organization that formed on June 28th, 2000 to serve the most marginalized communities in Assam. SEWA’s mission in Assam is to create opportunities for community development through sustained social mobilization interventions, targeting both men and women.

By working to promote the socioeconomic interests of women, SEWA has ensured a greater degree of economic, social and intellectual empowerment and true improvements in the physical quality of life for households throughout Assam. Besides CHAI, SEWA works on social safeguard of socially vulnerable communities, assist in involuntary resettlement, addressing issues of flooding and river erosion, community-based disaster risk reduction and management for natural disasters, family counselling, and HIV/AIDS health services for high-risk groups. As such, SEWA has historically been extensively familiar with the social issues of this region besides CHAI’s beneficiaries.

SEWA’s reputation for implementing comprehensive programming in a number of different sectors in exceptionally challenging environments is profound. SEWA’s various activities throughout Upper Assam include areas around awareness raising to alleviate poverty and improve socioeconomic conditions for Assam’s most marginalized communities. Within Upper Assam, SEWA is a leading agency for community development through its various programs and has been since its inception.

SEWA (Socio Educational Welfare Association) is a voluntary NGO (non-government organization) of Dibrugarh, Assam undertakes a varied range of often challenging activities to serve the community within its reach, with a true spirit of social development. SEWA maintains a strong reputation for quality programming in Assam and has been working with marginalized communities in the region as well as in Tea Estates. This NGO is formed on 28th June 2000 and it is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Smt.Santi Gogoi was the founder, chairperson of this NGO. SEWA is a fully registered local organization, which enables SEWA to accept foreign funding.